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Player Registration

Player Registration

Registrations for the Spring Season 2021 are now closed.

Any queries can be directed to Wendy at

Any queries about registration can be directed to


Fees for the Spring 2021 Season are:

  • $250 for the first child
  • $230 for the second child
  • $210 for the third child
  • $190 for the fourth child

This is in addition to a $10 SBA playing fee per season and $25 per player Basketball Victoria annual fee for new players.

Entry to stadium for all players & children under 18 is free.

Players over 18 Years of Age and Parents will have a choice to either pay a casual entry fee of $4 per person to enter the stadium, or register to become a Sabres Member. Memberships are available at a cost of $25 per season. You will receive a personalised membership card, which gives you unlimited free entry into domestic games excluding finals for the season.

Age grouping & by-laws

For information about age group cut-offs and playing days refer to the Age Group Information page.

Please note the following as per the SBA By-Laws:

  • To be eligible to play in the U9 competition a player must have turned 7 by the start of the season
  • Any player who is eligible to play in the junior domestic competition may play in no more than one age group above their current age competition.
    A Player eligible in U14 can only play up to U16 competition. That player cannot play in the U18 competition.
  • A Junior fill in player may play up to (3) games a season in a higher grader of the same age group in a junior competition. Once the player plays a fourth game in a higher grade, they are no longer eligible player in the lower grade. Junior players are not permitted to play in a grade lower than the team they have registered to play in.

Photographic images of players may be used during any activities associated with the Southern Basketball Association for publication in any form to promote basketball.

Player Registration

For the full set of SBA By Laws click HERE

For the full set of SBA By Laws click HERE

Age Group table for Spring 2021

Year of BirthAge GroupContact
Born on or before 31/1/2014 (start of the season) U9
Born 2012 U10
Born 2010 and 2011U12
Born 2008 and 2009U14
Born 2006 and 2007 U16
Born 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005U18-23

Venues include:

  • Tulip Street
  • Mentone Girls’ Secondary College
  • Parkdale Secondary College
  • Cheltenham Secondary College
  • Mentone Grammar

Code of Conduct

All teams and players are bound by the provisions of the SBA Member Protection By-Law and Codes of Conduct. Details are available on the SBA website.

All players, coaches and spectators are also bound by the provisions of the Beaumaris Sharks Basketball Club Code of Conduct