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Teams are allocated a training spot at the beginning of each season.  The Club offers training at a range of different days, times and locations. 

Current days and locations for training include:

from 3.45pm Black Rock Primary School
Tuesdayfrom 3.45pm Black Rock Primary School
Tuesdayfrom 5.30pm Cheltenham Secondary College
Wednesdayfrom 3.45pm Black Rock Primary School
Wednesdayfrom 4.00pmMentone Girls’ Secondary College
Thursdayfrom 4.00pmBeaumaris Secondary College
Fridayfrom 4.00pmBeaumaris Secondary College
Saturdayfrom 9.00amBeaumaris Secondary College

How to secure a training spot for the season

Each Sharks Team Manager is required to complete an online training preferences form before the commencement of each season.

This form will be made available to each team during the player registration period via email, Facebook and in the News section of this website.  Email preferences will not be accepted.

Each team needs to provide 3 preferences.  Training sessions must be scheduled around the availability of the team’s coach and court time.  The Club will rotate the use of popular training times and locations each season for fairness.

Times will be confirmed and coaches notified by the training venue coordinator before the start of the summer season via email to the Team Manager.    

Please note that there is a shortage of available indoor courts across the Association.
The club has worked hard to secure as many indoor training spots as possible, however there are often not enough spots to accommodate all Sharks teams.

Adult supervision at training

There MUST be 2 adults per team in attendance at ALL trainings (this can include the Coach if they are an adult). This is for the safety of our children – so if for example an accident does happen one adult can attend to the injured child while the other adult continues the training session or supervises the remaining children.  

Under the Child Safety Standards, the Club has an obligation to ensure the safety of all Sharks players when training and playing. 

Training and heat policy

The Beaumaris Sharks Basketball Club takes seriously the health and safety of our players and volunteers.  All basketball participants are urged to take care, even in moderately warm conditions.

With regards to training during periods of moderate to extreme heat the Club recommends that training be cancelled when the temperature on the court reaches 35 degrees Celsius.

It is the responsibility of an adult supervisor (for example, team manager or coach) to monitor the training conditions and players to make a decision as soon as is practicable regarding cancellation of training.

The Southern Basketball Association’s Extreme Heat Policy is enforced during games.  When the court temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius team will play modified games of reduced time.  When the court temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius games will be cancelled. 

For any information about training please contact the training venue coordinator at mailto: