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Uniforms are available from the Uniform Co-ordinator at a cost of: Shorts $40 and Singlets $45 or $80 for the set.  

Club hoodies are also available at a cost of $55.

Uniform days leading up to commencement of the new season will be announced

Please make sure your Team Manager provides you with the singlet numbers of your team mates before purchasing a new singlet.  This ensures there is no double up of singlet numbers.

For further information about the purchase of uniforms outside of uniform days please email the uniform co-ordinator at


Clash singlets

When a Sharks team plays another Sharks team, one of the teams must wear the white clash singlets provided by the club located near the front entry desk.

The standard rule is the first named team on the fixture wears clash singlets although this is open to negotiation amongst the teams☺ We recommend, for fairness, to rotate who wears the singlets.